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Notes from Our Clients & Associates…

At Purvis Builders we strive to create great working relationships with our clients and others who work with us. We’d love folks to use us over and over again for their building projects. Our relationship with our clients is at the heart of what we do… in fact, it’s the most important part. Feel free to read over a few of the comments about us below…


No written testimonial from me can say more than the photographs of our home you’ve posted. Superb craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality, close collaboration with us throughout the construction process, and integrity throughout. We’re forever grateful to you and the entire Purvis Builders team.

-S. L.

Rob, Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on our project. Your attention to detail and great integrity did not go unappreciated! We are very happy with all you have done and know there are still a few loose ends! We appreciate you!

Many blessings, M.L. & T.

To Whom It May Concern:

Rob was the on site general contractor for the duration of our extensive eight month remodel. His sincere nature and kind demeanor were consistent for the length of the entire project. Rob offered an exceptional group of subcontractors, all who performed great work. Rob was clearly respected by everyone on the jobsite; he was very well-versed in all areas of the project.

Most pleasing was his ability to meet deadlines and work within our agreed upon budget. As with any remodel, surprising challenges appeared along the way, and Rob was always able to creatively and seamlessly remedy the situations.

I’ve done numerous major projects in the past, including new builds and remodels. What stands out to me about Rob is that he is in touch with needs and desires of the client. His idea of what are quality, appropriate details of finishing a high-end project is second to none. He understands the complete construction process, right down to the finishes, and was nothing less than superb dealing with my choices through the process.

Rob is incredibly courteous, polite and kind, while being an incredibly hard worker who gets the job done well. He was the perfect fit for our job, and we would recommend him highly!

Sincerely, R. A. V.

Rob was introduced to me by the decorator I was working with on the redesign of my downtown condo. I was interested in doing some rather extensive changes to my place so I talked to a few of the area’s more experienced residential builders. I was careful to make sure I was comparing “apples with apples” on each of the quotes. Rob’s estimate was considerably more affordable than the other estimates which of course caught my attention. However, what sold me were the conversations I had with him after I received the quote. It was evident that Rob and his team were going to deliver. Doing any kind of construction in downtown is considerably more difficult than in a suburban area. The entire project went as smoothly as I could have ever imagined. Any time there was a question or change in the scope of work that needed to be made, Rob and I were able to together make those changes happen quickly and under budget. I would highly recommend his company for both new construction and any remodel or upgrade.

-R. C.

To who it may concern,

Rob Purvis has satisfactorily completed two projects for me during the last two years… the installation of a green house and formal garden at my Knoxville home and the construction of a second home on my farm in Grainger County.

Rob demonstrated his extensive knowledge of all phases of the construction. He knows the good and competent subs and how their work should be performed. He was able to work successfully with the architect and developed a good working relationship.

Rob was very easy to contact and was almost always available by cell on the first call. His awareness of all issues and follow up on the punch list was excellent.

I will use Rob on my next project.

Yours truly, T. J. K. III

Thank you so much for the most beautiful flowers you sent us for the birth of “A”. We have so enjoyed working with you for our closet and bath renovation… we are most happy with our finished product. Rob Purvis has gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. We look forward to continuing future home projects with your company.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. Kindly, E. & R. C.

Dear Rob,

I wanted to tell you how very much I appreciate all of your interest and expertise in the building of the outdoor classroom. It is beautiful and I know it would not have gotten completed so quickly and smoothly without you on the front end. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sincerely, E.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Rob Purvis to anyone that seeks a collaborative process and an outstanding outcome in any construction communication related endeavor. (View entire document)

-B. W.

Rob Purvis works diligently and quickly to incorporate value engineering into estimates for alternative designs and has been a great help in actualizing clients, aspirations. (View entire document)

-E. L. H.

Attention to Detail… Mr. Purvis is acutely aware of the quality of work his customers expect. More importantly, Rob’s quality expectations will often exceed the customer’s. (View entire document)

-M. G. S.

Mr. Purvis possesses many qualities which helped put our family, as homeowners, at ease so that we could begin the renovation process. (View entire document)

-B. T.

Rob Purvis is an individual who demonstrates a positive approach and sincere professionalism as it relates to his work. (View entire document)

-W. F. S.