Purvis Builders

Our Residential Construction Process

At Purvis Builders the home design and construction process is always tailored to fit the needs of each individual client, but there are a few elements that remain similar for every project.

The first phase of planning and design always begins by exploring the best options for you, the client. This includes factors like site analysis, the “must haves”, cost/benefit relationships of the amenities and current market trends. This information, along with other factors unique to the client, is used to create the pricing structure and estimate for the project.

After revisiting the needs of the client and the realities of the cost, the client can then decide to move forward with the process. A meeting is then scheduled with an architect to get the home plans onto paper, unless the homeowner has already purchased a set of plans or is working with an architect. Once the plans are agreed upon, a construction contract is drawn up and the reality of an exciting project is just around the corner.

As we enter the construction phase, the preliminary building schedule is presented along with contact information for the suppliers. Meetings and interaction proceed between the client and kitchen designer, interior designer, landscape architect and other important professionals as necessary to provide the best job for the client.

Around the time that framing is completed, a walk-through takes place with the client and electrician to layout the lighting and outlets. A walk-through also takes place with the landscape architect. As we near completion of work on the home, a pre-closing inspection is scheduled between Purvis Builders and the client. As construction concludes we’ll focus on all the details that need to be completed and any deficiencies that need to be addressed.

Once the finalized “punch list” is completed along with a final walk-through, we’ll transfer ownership of the finished home to the new homeowner… making sure all the necessary closing documents are signed and in order. Maintenance instructions and advice, along with any other documents related to the home, are also given to the new homeowner. Purvis Builders stands behind the quality of every home we build and we guarantee the complete satisfaction of our clients.