Purvis Builders

A Little More About Us

The driving force behind Purvis Builders is Rob Purvis. He founded this company based on core principles which guide us through daily interactions and decisions with clients and projects. These core principles of honesty and respect lead to solid working partnerships and high-quality construction. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to make an incredible project come to fruition. We also believe there’s never any substitute for working together with our clients and design team to come up with various options.

That means we’ll work closely with our clients to give them what they want and we’ll exhaust every possibility to do so. Our job isn’t complete unless the homeowner is happy with the work. That’s the bottom line… the priority that’s placed on client satisfaction forms the foundation of our company.

To understand what makes us proud, you’ve got to realize that we love building beautiful and unique spaces. The smile of a truly happy client once they see their finished project makes it all worthwhile. Sure, there will be difficulties, but the challenge just makes success that much more meaningful. There’s a certain magic that happens when a dream on paper becomes floors, walls, a roof, bedrooms, a kitchen… and eventually your family’s home!

Another way to look at it is to consider any construction project as a work of art. We’re from this area, so we appreciate the spectacular canvas that East Tennessee provides for us. The mountains, valleys and lakes are the gorgeous backdrop for our craftsmanship of function, beauty and creativity.